Web programmer or web engineer

Who is a web programmer

A web engineer is an expert in computer technology, namely web programming. Designed to utensil the projects of web-designers, creating a functioning site.

He should know HTML, JAVA, JAVAScript, PHP, CGI, Perl, have experience with web-developers such as Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion. These languages ​​and programs expand the capabilities of sites, help to bring in a variety of elements: animation, sound, interactive games, online questionnaires and online trading functions.

 The work of a web programmer is directly connected to the global Internet. Such a specialist creates programs that can function within it. Without his participation, no Internet project will work. Web-programmers create dynamic pages, write interfaces to databases, compose technical tasks of projects. If, for example, web sites are at home, web programmers are architects who think in new, computer categories.

Features of the craft

The activities of a web programmer include:

  1. familiarization with the main tasks of the customer;
  2. writing programs necessary for the functionality of web-resources;
  3. processing and maintenance of sites, management systems;
  4. solution of working issues.


Pros and cons of the profession


  1. demand for the employment gravestone;
  2. imaginative endeavor, as each task is unique, and there are different approaches to clarity it;
  3. circumstances of joining with study;
  4. a diploma is not always appropriate;
  5. the circumstances to become a professional at a young age;
  6. exemption in making decisions (how to solve this or that problem is solved by the web programmer himself);
  7. possibility of remote work.


  • in cramped deals, the web specialist combines the functions of several specialists, frequent switching from one assignment to another;
  • capricious functioning hours.

Place of work

Web specialists are expected in web-studios, Internet companies, organizations whose activities are related to the Internet, companies whose organization structure implies the existence of such a specialist.

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