Best Cross-Platform Programming Tools

Although everyone uses smartphones today, people prefer different OS for their smartphones. While some are diehard fans of Apple and its iOS, some consider Android devices as more convenient to use. There are several apps available for both the operating systems which make your life easier even if you have devices running on both platforms and want to use one app on all of them. 

A lot of effort goes behind the development of each of these apps, and the programmers will save a lot of time if they can write common code for all devices and then make necessary changes. Here, we will introduce you to some of the most useful tools for cross-platform apps development.  



With Xamarin, you can easily create a cross-platform mobile app. It utilizes a C# base code and saves your time by allowing the sharing of codes. Big firms in the software industry like IBM and Microsoft make use of it. What’s more, there is a free version, though with a small set of features. If you want to enjoy the full productivity from it, you will have to get a paid version.


  • PhoneGap


This one is owned by Adobe and can be used for native app creation for iOS or Android using web technologies. It also takes care of the API with the hardware of numerous additional gadgets. It avails code creation in HTML or Java. If you want to use platform-specific codes, it allows you to use plugins. 



Flutter is a cross-platform tool from Google. It avoids the usage of native app development and promotes a single code for apps which can be deployed across multiple platforms. It makes use of Dart code to achieve this. It works similar to React Native and Xamarin, although in a slightly different way. It also allows the usage of plugins to incorporate platform-specific codes. 


  • Monocross


It is a tool which supports multiple frameworks like Microsoft .NET and C#. Using this, you can get complete access to the native app API while writing codes in C#. However, it is very difficult to find learning resources on this platform, as it is not that popular among developers compared to some other tools in this list yet. 


  • NativeScript


This is another platform on which you can develop native apps for iOS and Android, based on JavaScript. It can be used in combination with TypeScript.


  • Kony Mobile Platform


The tool has several useful pre-built features, which makes its use easier. However, sometimes, developers find it difficult to get support for this tool.



Although not very popular, this is useful software which can be used to develop cross-platform mobile apps. However, you won’t find many native theme choices in this tool.


  • Appcelerator


It is another tool based on JavaScript. As the name indicates, it accelerates the app development. This is an open tool which can be extended. You can develop apps for any mobile device by using it, as well as write HTML5-supported codes. However, the support you can expect from the tool developers is limited. 


  • Rho Mobile


Rho Mobile is a popular and useful tool which comes with several useful features. You can develop, test and debug cross-platform codes with the help of it, so many coders find this tool extremely handy. 

As you can see, there is an abundance of tools for the development of cross-platform apps, which is first of all explained by the demand for flexible, universal applications and software. It’s always easier to ensure your product’s market success if it covers a greater market segment. 

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